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Microbelift Pl

Microbelift Pl | Primary Bacterial Products

Microbelift Pl


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Brand: Microbelift


Microbelift PL | Pond Clarifier | Pond Maintenance

100% natural and safe for all plants, animals and fish. Beneficial bacteria breaks down algae, reduces ammonia and nitrogen and improves oxygen levels. Use to maintain biological and mechanical filters, and dissolve waste and debris. Microbelift Pl is the only pond product with photosynthetic microorganisms that does the work of 3-4 competitive brands, in short, it has natural live organisms which actually eat fish waste, and decaying leaves. Use when water temperature is above 45 degrees as your Primary Beneficial Bacteria. Promotes clear and clean water. A must for any pond.

Application rates: 250-500 gallons 10oz initial treatment 3 oz for the next four weeks 3 oz monthly for maintenance

501-1000 gallons 14oz initial treatment 5 oz for the next four weeks 5 oz monthly for maintenance

1001-1500 gallons 18oz initial treatment 6 oz for the next four weeks 6 oz monthly for maintenance

1501-2500 gallons 24oz initial treatment 8 oz for the next four weeks 8 oz monthly for maintenance

2501-3500 gallons 28oz initial treatment 10 oz for the next four weeks 10 oz monthly for maintenance

3501-5000 gallons 32oz initial treatment 12 oz for the next four weeks 12oz monthly for maintenance

5001-7500 gallons 40oz initial treatment 16 oz for the next four weeks 16oz monthly for maintenance

7501-10000 gallons 48oz initial treatment 20 oz for the next four weeks 20oz monthly for maintenance