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Barley Straw Pellets

Barley Straw Pellets

Barley Straw Pellets

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Microbe-Lift/Barley Straw Pellets+ is an environmentally responsible, cost-efficient pond conditioner that is a natural and organic way to a healthy pond environment! 100% Natural & Organic Ingredients Specially Formulated To Naturally Balance Pond Water & Improve Water Clarity

Enriched with peat and humic acid, this revolutionary formula works faster & better with Less Mess & Cost and is easier to apply than bales, pillows and pads!

•Matures pond water chemistry
•Disperses quickly by simple broadcast of pellets into the pond or packing in a porous fabric sock and suspending in pond or available chamber in skimmer or filter
•Buffers pH
•Releases decomposition by-products immediately
•Works year round
•Recommended for use with all Microbe-Lift bacterial and enzymatic pond products
•Provides a slow steady release of beneficial ingredients through natural activity

Microbe-Lift/Barley Straw Pellets+ works in much the same way as barley straw...only faster! Whereas barley straw works by releasing certain natural chemicals as it biodegrades, so do the pellets in ML/Barley Straw Pellets+, only the breakdown compounds are released faster: dispersing equally throughout the water; reacting photochemically with sunlight; and activating humic acids to produce hydrogen peroxide-an oxidizing agent that also helps to keep the water clear-naturally and at a low level of release. The humic acid will also chelate metals such as copper or arsenic. Microbe-Lift/Barley Straw Pellets+ are rich in organic peat which softens pond water-reducing nitrate and phosphate concentrations and provides a buffering agent and ion attenuation in lined ponds that additionally gives them some beneficial properties of earthen ponds!

Please note: Microbe-Lift/ Barley Straw Pellets+ will leave a residual on the bottom of the pond. The bacteria in the Microbe-Lift products as well as Microbe-Lift/ Sludge Away will digest this organic residual.